What’s your organisation’s purpose?

Why does your organisation exist in the world?

Why do people connect with you?

How would the world be a poorer place if your organisation did not exist?

Organisations in today’s world need to be purpose-driven and values-led in order to attract and retain the best talent and loyal customers. They need to be stakeholder-centric and consider their impact in the wider world. All this needs to be combined with the right kind of leadership: conscious and authentic.

Are you asking the big questions?

Evolving an organisation, especially its purpose, vision, values and behaviours, is seldom about enforcing a top-down plan from the leaders and rather a process of engaging everyone in conversations about how to make these qualities come to life – for everyone.

It’s about getting the whole system in the room, right out to your stakeholders, and creating something good, together.

The boundaries of your organisation no longer have to end at the front door of your offices. The collective and collaborative intelligence of your organisation can be drawn from the furthest reaches of your stakeholders.

Conversations are the change, happening in real time. Facilitating whole group conversations is the best way of capturing the hearts and minds of everyone in your organisation.

We make use of creative facilitation methods to create live change in your organisation so that people can self-organise and become aligned behind a common vision and united in their hearts and minds towards a common destiny.

Inspire.  Unite.  Prosper.

Facilitation Methods

Some of our whole system facilitation methods include:

  • Dialogue methods
  • Appreciative Inquiry (focusing on what works already)
  • World Café (creating spaces for emergent conversations and change to happen)
  • Open Space Technology (creating opportunities for people to identify and drive their personal ownership towards making a vision real)
  • Graphic Facilitation (capturing in images the essence of the conversation in action)