There used to be a commonly held misconception that getting a coach was like admitting failure. Not any more. Like top athletes, executives, leaders and managers use coaching to get the best performance from themselves and their teams. A coach will walk alongside you at key moments during your life and career, guiding you by asking you breakthrough questions. You will better understand your strengths and development areas and decide what you really want. Your coach will hold you accountable in putting your goals into action, help you define your strategies and steps for getting there, and help you measure your progress. You’ll be encouraged to step back and reflect on where you’ve come from, sharpen your tools and check your direction, and move forward towards your goals with renewed vigour and intelligent action.

Coaching is different to a fireside chat: you can expect to be challenged, supported and stretched to become your best self. It offers you an inspirational, objective and committed partnership to achieving the goals you’ve set yourself in life, be these work or personal.  In the process, you will feel more confident, insightful, powerful and fulfilled.

Some of the areas in which we coach you are:

  • Executive coaching: developing the leader in you, crafting your vision, boardroom dynamics, navigating stakeholders and power dynamics, and overcoming dips in confidence.
  • Business coaching: achieving your business goals, implementing business changes, future planning, dealing with unproductive team relationships.
  • Performance coaching: preparing for promotion, a career change, putting a stop to limiting patterns that are hindering your performance.
  • Skills coaching: building your skill set, such as your interpersonal skills, influence, impact and confidence.
  • Life coaching: getting clarity on all areas and purpose in your life.

As ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited coaches we work with you one-to-one, and completely confidentially, face-to-face, by Skype or by phone, together with email support.

“Gina delivers on her promise: developing the capacity of her clients to lead with more awareness, wisdom and choice. Her great energy, ability to connect at a personal level and always natural way of asking challenging questions, allow her to make real progress in her work with coaches, helping them to explore the big issues and to arrive at their own conclusions. Gina’s excellent book ‘Becoming a Conscious Leader’ is one of my favourites on the topic, illustrating her in-depth knowledge and showcasing the wisdom she has gathered in more than 20 years as an executive coach.”
Dr Hans-Christoph Hirt, Board member and Head of Hermes Equity Ownership Services (EOS) Limited
“Gina is a fantastic coach and has the ability to quickly understand people’s needs. She uses her extensive knowledge and experience to complement her extremely personal approach to her coaching style. Gina has helped me significantly and I would certainly recommend her to others.”
Kevin Coates, Managing Director in Turnaround and Restructuring Services at AlixPartners
“Gina is an inspired and inspiring facilitator and coach, with the capacity to challenge, encourage, and inquire with great insight. She gives 100% to her clients and can always be counted on to make a real difference to those she works with.”
James Butcher, Work Without Walls
“Gina has a gift for working with people, she is very intelligent, excellent at coaching and very knowledgeable and on top of her game. She has a natural ability to understand a person and work with what will work for them. I thoroughly recommend her.”
Kate Hall, Director of the Built Environment & Design at High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd