This is the era of conscious leadership.

Conscious leaders know the value of:

  • Being authentic (they are rooted in their values and connected to their purpose).
  • Competing at higher levels that leverage the intellectual capital of collaboration.
  • Forming radical partnerships to innovate across former boundaries.
  • Drawing on multiple perspectives to find answers to complex challenges.
  • Getting people to work together collaboratively while skilfully holding the context for doing so.
  • Tapping into the importance of meaning, values and bringing your full self to work.
  • Using the intelligence of your head, heart and intuition.
  • Standing for something that contributes to the world at large and which links their personal purpose to their organisation’s purpose.
  • Allowing leadership to come from every corner of their organisation.


Through our work in this new and exciting field of conscious leadership, and our partnership with thought leaders globally, we are able to advise you, co-create conscious leadership programmes with you and offer you conscious leadership coaching that evolves your leaders and teams vertically to the next level of your development and strengthens your capacity to meet the changing world and its fresh challenges.

 Conscious leadership is not about adding more content on top of an existing leadership mindset. It’s about changing our leadership mindset itself – upgrading our operating system.

In partnership with:

The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership Consultancy

“I found your session wonderful, informative and thought-provoking. As a delegate mentioned, we should really put you in front of our local politicians to get their minds more elastic!”

Claire Bain, Association for Coaching and Next Steps Director
“Gina recently presented Masterclasses in Belfast and Dublin for the Association for Coaching in Ireland. She guided us through an informative, challenging, engaging and thought-provoking tour of Conscious Leadership. Her extensive leadership knowledge, current research and presenting style all combined to make a rich learning and development experience.”
Niamh Shiells, Board Director Association for Coaching Ireland

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