Superb! The combination of facilitators was excellent – they came across as extremely knowledgeable, were flexible to the group’s needs and happy to try new approaches to achieve the learning. This is without doubt the most effective course facilitation I have ever experienced.
ChevronCorporation, UK
“She is ahead of the curve in her commitment to, and passion for this new world of work – conscious leaders driving conscious business and conscious capitalism, in today’s ‘connected human economy’. I can highly recommend her to help you and your organisation on to bigger and better things.”
Louise Mowbray, International Speaker, Mowbray by Design
Gina has exceptional communication skills. In her own way, she commands other people to listen to her. She appeals to various characters and personalities: I believe this is her greatest asset. She is easy to open up to and her feedback is always inspiring, true and honest. She simply cares.
Course Participant, Middle East
Gina is an inspired and inspiring facilitator and coach, with the capacity to challenge, encourage, and inquire with great insight. She gives 100% to her clients and can always be counted on to make a real difference to those she works with.
Consultant Facilitator, UK
Gina has a rare combination of a sharp eye on business and deep professional expertise. She has the entrepreneurial knack of creating high value opportunities while equally having great insight into the people she works with and the courage to say important things.”
Work Without Walls, UK
Gina can get to the bottom of issues and surface difficulties with a few focused questions and an incredible ability to listen and really hear what’s going on. She has a way of making people feel very important to her. At the same time, she demonstrates real business savvy and a strength of approach that enables her to be really listened to.
Development Potential, UK
Gina is a natural and talented coach and facilitator who has insight, awareness and an ability to deliver a message or feedback that instantly impacts delegates constructively. Recommended for any high level facilitation or coaching interventions. One of the best!
Mark Fraser-Grant, Beyond Coaching, South Africa
Utterly professional, a supplier to keep.